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Baby Strollers

We Carry A Variety of Baby Strollers at Our Toronto Location!

At Marlene’s Just Babies we carry a variety of different strollers, from compact travel, to full size. Choosing the right one can be overwhelming. We’ll help you narrow down your options and find a stroller that fits your needs, life style, and budget. A stroller is one of the most used baby items, so it is important to find something that is durable and can serve you for years.

Light weight Strollers

A light weight stroller is ideal for someone who is constantly on the go, and travels. It is compact and easy to store, and is perfect for those quick trips. Some light weight strollers are compatible with infant car seats, which makes it a perfect travel solution.

Full size strollers

Strollers are designed with either three or four wheels. A four wheel stroller is perfect for city use where the terrain is smoother and less bumpy. Most four wheel strollers offer a removable seat, that can be turned around so that baby can be facing you, or facing outward. These strollers often offer the option of attaching an infant car seat into the frame of the stroller. This is a great option for quick trips without waking or disturbing baby. There are some four wheel strollers that will allow you to add a second seat to convert your single stroller into a double.

A three wheel stroller is better suited for rougher terrain. It is often made with air filled tires to minimize shock. It is easier to push over bumpy trails and functions better in the snow. Some three wheel strollers are suitable for jogging and feature hand breaks and a locking front wheel.

Most strollers have a wide array of accessories, so you can customize your stroller to suit your needs. Come visit our store and let us help you choose the best stroller suited for you lifestyle and budget.